Helen Huxler was the acting Student Body President at Middleton High School. As a member of the Huxler family, her position as president continued a legacy of political leadership stretching back to Middletonian antiquity.

On the debut night of Middleton High's revival of The Cheerleader Trials, Helen Huxler was killed in a freak accident involving the prop guillotine. Her death is believed by many to have been a pre-meditated assassination.

Early Career Edit

Helen Huxler began her political career at Middleton Elementary School where she served as chief representative for her class for 6 years. Despite successfully lobbying for an increased juice-box budget and merit-based nap-time reductions, Huxler's tenure at Middleton Elementary was marred by scandal when she allegedly leaked information pertaining to her teacher's surprise birthday party.

Huxler spent most of the intervening years between Middleton Elementary and Middleton High School independently studying political theory.

Presidency Edit

Huxler's rise to political office at Middleton High School was controversial. Due to her landslide victory, many have accused Huxler of voter fraud, notably the Middleton Underground. Huxler vehemently denied the accusations via interviews and a live address posted to social media.

Helen Huxler was described by many as being "over-eager" and "untrustworthy" due to her emphatic speaking style and her record of political scandal. Despite these criticisms, Huxler was continually elected into student government positions with little official contestation.

Personal Life Edit

Helen Huxler belonged to a long line of political figures; every other Huxler woman has served at the head of the Middleton student government for over 200 years. Helen has expressed particular reverence for her ancestor Prudence Huxler, best known for helping to bring an end to the notorious Middleton Cheerleader Trials of the late 17th century.

Death Edit

On the debut night of Middleton High School's revival of the infamous play The Cheerleader Trials, Helen Huxler was killed in a freak accident by a prop guillotine.

"Greta", the play's lead actress, was killed in a retributory act for her alleged involvement in a murder plot against Huxler. However, little legitimate evidence links her to Huxler's murder, and many believe the subject or subjects responsible are still at large.

Due to Helen Huxler's controversial public image and the generally volatile social climate of Middleton High School, several theories abound as to who may have been responsible for Huxler's assassination. Key suspects include the Middleton Underground (who made expressed threats against Huxler's life in the wake of her election) and the Middleton Death Cult (presumed responsible for various misfortunes and student deaths/disappearances in Middleton).