Laverne Livingston is a female student at Middleton High School. She is known for her social status as a "nerd" and for her power to communicate with common objects.

Background Edit

Laverne Livingston is currently a student at Middleton High School. She has been described by her classmates as a "weird girl" and a social outcast, and has been on the receiving end of emotional and physical abuse from both her peers and several authority figures (notably Principal Clemens). Due to her experiences with bullying, she has been vocal proponent of the anti-bullying movement at Middleton, appearing in the anti-bullying PSA "Hurt" and the anti-bullying music video "Not OK". She is recognizable in appearance by smudged lipstick, prominent eyebrows, glasses, blue shoes slung about her neck, and a plaid vest.

Special Abilities Edit

Laverne possesses the unique ability to communicate with common objects. Her supernatural powers have spurred her into an ongoing quest to protect amiable objects and punish malicious ones. Many segments of this quest have been video documented.

Thus far, Laverne remains engaged in a hunt for the runaway cat portrait that assisted in the murder of her closest companion, a gold trophy. She is currently navigating the Land of the Dead with the Angel of Death in an attempt to bring the trophy back to life.

Relationships Edit

Though largely considered a social outcast, Laverne has many friends and allies in Middleton. Until its untimely death, Laverne's trophy was a trusted companion and close personal friend. Laverne is popular amongst other Middleton outcasts, including Ronnie the Rabbit and Squiggy the Nomad.