The Middleton Missing Student Case refers to an ongoing investigation over the disappearance of 13 Middleton High School students over the past year. While several theories persist as to the whereabouts of these students and the identities of their captors, no official leads have been discovered or declared.

Background Edit

Creepy Crawlies

Creepy Crawlies

Over the past year, Middleton High School has experienced 13 cases of student abduction. The frequency of these kidnappings combined with a lack of established investigative leads has led to a social panic amongst the Middleton community. The Middleton Night Patrol has declared the case is still open and has advised the students and faculty at Middleton to exercise special caution and vigilance, as the kidnappings are predicted to continue.

Theories Edit

There are several theories as to the whereabouts of the missing students, the reason for their disappearances, and the identities of the captors:

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Middleton Death Cult Edit

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Perhaps the most popular theory as to catalyst of the Middleton kidnappings revolves around the "Middleton Death Cult", a ritual cult whose members are presumed to operate under the authority of a phantom figure that demands the kidnapping and sacrifice of their peers. Although the concept of the Middleton Death Cult has risen to household popularity, it has many detractors who argue that there is no legitimate evidence to support the existence of such a group.

Z Series Edit

A sub-sect of Middleton Death Cult conspiracists believe that there is evidence linking the missing students of Middleton with the "Z series", a collection of popular music videos whose iconography is said reference the markings and clues found at the sites of student abductions. Some claim that the anonymous "Z" could be the central figure behind the Death Cult and its practices.

Political Motivations Edit

Due to the unstable political climate at Middleton, many believe the kidnappings to have some kind of political valence, although the nature of this valence is unclear. Some claim the kidnappings have been conducted under Helen Huxler and her corrupt administration, while others believe that Huxler's vocal opponents, the Middleton Underground, are responsible due to their violent, intimidating rhetoric.