The Middleton Chess Society is an extracurricular organization at Middleton High School devoted to "all things chess-related".

Background Edit

The Middleton Chess Society was founded in the late 1960's as part of an inclusive initiative to give "nerds" their own club. The Chess Society quickly became a popular and successful institution, winning nine regional championships over the next two decades.

Despite their achievements, the Chess Society has been continually persecuted by popular Middleton students, the Middleton administration, and other "nerd" groups, notably the Middleton Yo-Yo Guild.

Current Status Edit

The Middleton Chess Society is currently operating under the leadership of Elmer "Checkmate" Yogle. Under the Yogle administration, the Chess Society has enjoyed an increased focus on "chess-adjacent" activities, such as chess-themed dances and writing workshops. Yogle and the modern Chess Society are considered to be at the forefront of the "New Chess" movement, which favors an expansive, multi-media approach to chess appreciation and practices.

Middleton Chess Society Incident Edit

In late May, the Middleton Chess Society experienced a now-infamous instance of vandalism which destroyed their headquarters and nearly murdered Elmer "Checkmate" Yogle. This unsolved crime caused an intense response within Middleton, and was the chief catalyst for Middleton High School's "Bully Week".