Principal Clemens is the acting principal at Middleton High School. Despite the numerous personal and political controversies that have plagued her administration, she remains the most popular principal in Middleton history.

Career Edit

Clemens is the successor to former Principal Lahrs (now active Vice Principal). Lahrs was ousted due to low approval ratings resultant from a series of unwelcome policy decisions, including the suggested dismissal of Ronnie the Rabbit and balance of the uniform budget between Cheerleaders and Poms. Upon taking office, Clemens immediately reversed almost every motion of the Lahrs administration, earning her widespread populist support.

Clemens distinguished herself from Lahrs in both policy and public persona. Her rousing, effortless speaking style and her libertine reputation have made her a beloved Middletonian cultural icon, and several of her signature phrases, including "is this thing on?", have entered into the popular lexicon of the high school. She is said to have a peerless mastery of style, relatable humor, and seduction.

Criticism Edit

Despite an estimated 98% approval rating, Clemens has several detractors who see her administration as demagogic and corrupt. Her treatment of unpopular students like Laverne Livingston and the Middleton Chess Society have been met with scrutiny from the nerd demographic at Middleton, and her close professional associations with Helen Huxler are consistently criticized by politically subversive organizations like the Middleton Underground.

In the wake of the Middleton Missing Students paranoia, Clemens formed the Clemens Foundation as a means of "fixing" potential converts to the Middleton Death Cult (deemed responsible for such crimes as the student kidnappings and the Middleton Chess Society Incident). The Foundation has been viewed by many as an irresponsible scapegoating campaign.