Ronald "Ronnie" the Rabbit is the official mascot of Middleton High School. His costume, as the name implies, is that of a large white rabbit.

Background Edit

Ronnie has served as Middleton's mascot for over 20 years. He is considered by some to be a beloved Middleton mainstay and considered by others to be an incorrigible, possibly dangerous drug-addict.

Ronnie's career has been consistently jeopardized by his substance abuse problems. His controversial misadventures include being found in the cafeteria bean-pot in the throes of drug withdrawal, smuggling alcohol to several pep rallies, and attempting to sell fentanyl-laced carrots to students. This final indiscretion led to his termination by Vice Principal Lahrs; he was reinstated months later, however, due to public outrage and the timely intervention of Principal Clemens.

Car Accident Edit

A few days before Middleton's infamous 85th Annual Pep Rally, Ronnie was struck by a car and left to die on the side of the Middleton Post Road. He was unable to recall the details of the accident as he had been inebriated to the point of amnesia. This case is unsolved and there are currently no leads.