Spinner the Scribe is the pen-name of Spinner Defarge, Middleton High School's self-proclaimed "pop culture expert". Spinner is known for his critical and no-holds-barred rhetoric, as well as for his heavily publicized feud with Count the Clock.

Background Edit

Spinner the Scribe rose to prominence as a pop culture blogger for Middleton High School. His scathing takedowns of cultural icons like Kanye West and Z garnered him both praise and scrutiny.

Spinner's cultural criticism primarily focuses on the problematic political aspects of popular media figures. He has professed a distaste for violence, content he deems "pornographic", and culturally insensitive imagery. Spinner is highly supportive of dramatic, critically appraised cinema, epitomized by films such as Knight of Cups.

"The Blender" Feud Edit

After the release of "The Blender", an installment in the "Z series" of music videos, Spinner issued a petition against Z and Count the Clock (the company behind the production and distribution of "The Blender"). In the petition, Spinner claimed that Count the Clock promoted racism and violence in its work and declared the company a "hate group".

In the wake of the petition's publication, a sensational feud erupted between Spinner and Count the Clock that ended in Spinner denouncing the internet as a protest against the problematic culture he saw it promoting.

Personal Life Edit

Spinner has claimed that many of his personal and political viewpoints have been shaped by his father, Sgt. Defarge, a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War. The variety of eccentric and aggressive punishments to which Spinner was subjected in his youth have had a profound impact on his stern moral compass.

Spinner is a vocal proponent of the third-party system and has penned articles in support of Jill Stein for the 2016 US Presidential Election.