"Z" is an unknown figure infamous in Middleton for appearing in a series of cryptic music videos that many conspiracists have linked to the Middleton Missing Students phenomenon.

Background Edit

Z first appeared in a music video for the song "Hard". Her performance caused immediate controversy for its graphic violence and sexual suggestiveness, and the identity of Z herself became the subject of much speculation.

Z next appeared in "Lemonade", a continuation of the loose "Sweet 16" narrative presented in "Hard". This video was the source of even greater controversy, due to both its transgressive imagery and symbolic nods to the Middleton Missing Student phenomenon. Suspicions over a possible link between Z and the student kidnappings at Middleton began to build.

Z's final official video was entitled "The Blender", and featured similar imagery to the videos which preceded it. Religious iconography present in "The Blender" served to further fuel rumors of ties between Z and the missing students, this time through a suspected link between Z and the Middleton Death Cult.